Dilettantes, The perfect place to come savour a cup of champagne in the heart of Paris ! We offer several formulas to come taste locally the terroir champagnes that we have selected for you :

Lunch tasting

A moment of pleasure, ideally-suited for those in love, or by multiples of two. In the intimate setting of our vaulted cellar from the 17th century, your lunch will be accompanied by champagne, and discover the best ways to amplify it:
  • 3 champagnes (8cl) derived from our selected Terroirs
  • Plates of artisanal products of great quality, paired with each champagne
  • Coffee or tea, gourmet, for the sweet touch
PRICE all tax-included :
1 person 55€, 2 persons 99€, 3 or more 49€/person
Gourmet terroir tasting

Gourmet terroir tasting

Enjoy a moment with an epicurean pause, composed of 3 terroir-driven champagnes, accompanied by a plate of refined comté (cheese) and pata negra (famed Spanish ham). Purchase this offer on line,valid for 1 year, and contact us by telephone to reserve the date of your choice. This is also a high quality gift to offer a friend or a couple in love of good things.
PRICE all tax-included :
1 person 35€, 2 persons 65€, 3 or more 32€/person
Terroir tasting

Terroir tasting

Tempted by an express visit to Champagne? Select the option Terroir Tasting. You will be able to taste 3 terroir-driven champagnes (8cl), which we offer this week, accompanied by savory or sweet biscuits, as per your preference. Purchase this option on line, and call us to reserve! You want to attend as two? Benefit by the “Special Couple” reduction.
PRICE all tax-included :
1 person 29€, 2 persons 55€, 3 or more 27€/person
Caviar Tasting

Caviar tasting

For a luxury break , come and recover by tasting a  glass of champagne (12cl) paired with a French caviar , from sturgeon that grow up in Aquitaine : Caviar De Neuvic
Perfect before going dinner or for a break during the day.
Tasting for 2
Buy on line and call for booking (*)
2 persons 39€

à la carte

Each week, we propose 3 different champagne, from 9€ the cup at any time of the day. A cup before go for lunch in the neighborhood ? A chic aperitif with some colleagues after work ? Come to Dilettantes, we will be delighted to welcome you. Discover here the selection of the week, give in advance some sparkle to your buds.

Dilettantes the house of Champagne in Paris, welcome you every day, from Monday to saturday, from 11h to 19h and till 9pm on Thursdays. Come and enjoy the calm and authentique atmosphere of our cellar from the 17th century, in the Latin Quartier, between the Seine and Saint-André-des-Arts street. carte-degustation-semaine