Dilettantes, a Champagne shop in the heart of Paris

logo Dilettantes ChampagneDilettantes is a new kind of wine cellar, located in central Paris, and dedicated entirely to the art of Champagne! We opened Dilettantes in response to a demand for high-quality grower Champagne, often cultivated on small, family-owned estates, the majority of which lack access to large scale distribution. These vineyards are run by artisan winemakers who are proud of their agricultural traditions and passionate about their craft. Dilettantes honors their work by bringing you the fruit of their passion. As a specialized Champagne boutique in Paris, our mission is to help people discover rare, authentic, high quality Champagnes at very reasonable prices. 

Thanks to our network in Champagne and the expertise of a reputable wine specialist, we have chosen 25 Champagne producers who offer some of the most distinctive products available. Since each of these vintners proposes a selection of bottlings, our boutique dispenses over 130 of these grower Champagnes that celebrate an intrinsic notion of agriculture, season, and place - an exception among Parisian wine-cellars. 

Dilettantes distributes all of its Champagnes by the bottle or case. In urgent need of chilled Champagne? Never a problem, our wine cooler contains over 1000 bottles!

Getting to know Champagne

Proposing original Champagne is one thing, guiding you as you discover and taste it is another. To this end, we have taken steps to prepare a comprehensive presentation for our client, the Champagne lover:

  • Each of our Champagnes is accompanied by a descriptive document which gives details about the wine and tips for bringing out its optimal taste. Very often, Champagne is bought as a gift or as a contribution to a meal with friends. In both cases, this document ensures that the recipient has enough information to fully understand and appreciate this exceptional gift.
  • Would you like to develop your understanding of Champagne in a broader sense? Dilettantes organizes two types of events to meet your needs. At our Grower Champagne Tastings, one of our partner winemakers pays a visit to the shop to present his or her creations. These discussion groups are relatively small, with about 15 participants, allowing you an opportunity to have a meaningful exchange with our Champagne producer in a relaxed intimate environment.
  • We organize additional tasting classes in the evening. These tastings are hosted by Dilettantes and can be organized upon request for groups of 8 or more people with a minimum tariff of 85€ per person.
  • During opening hours, you can taste 3 Champagnes by the glass or as a part of the 'terroir' tasting flight to discover the different aspects of grower Champagne. 
  • Finally, we have dedicated much time and effort to developing the most informative website possible. This lets you wander from one region to another, and encounter one artisan winemaker after another, even before coming to visit our Champagne boutique and cellar

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See you soon at Dilettantes!

Dilettantes is located at 22 rue de Savoie, a couple of steps from the Quai des Grands Augustins, just in front of the tea-seller, Mariage Frères, in the 6th arrondissement. Metro Odéon or St-Michel. (map)

Photos of the Champagne cellar and tasting bar in our boutique

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Notre cave à champagnes Bar pour les dégustations et ateliers d'oenologie La boutique Dilettantes Nos champagnes prêts à emporter et à bonne température
Façade Dilettantes Vitrine Dilettantes avec les portraits de nos vignerons Portraits de nos vignerons D'autres portraits de nos vignerons