Which Champagne should be used at a marriage?

Champagne is a necessary element at every wedding table.

It should be memorable as both discrete and elegant
It should be enjoyed by everyone while pleasing the most sensitive palates.

Choosing the right Champagne is not an easy task! 

For this reason, Dilettantes offers to take care of everything for you!

We will guide you through choosing the ideal Champagne from our 150 selected wines, 

According to:

  • your preferences (decide by tasting!)
  • your menu (think of the pairings!)
  • your budget (while keeping this in mind!)

We determine the number of bottles based on: 

  • the number of guests
  • and whether it will be served before, after or during the meal

We offer delivery *

We offer specific tariff conditions **



* Within Paris for 12 Euros and where delivery is legally available. Fees differ throughout France, Europe and the rest of the world.

** Upon request.


Please contact us for further information


Also see our article (in French) on How to choose the right champagne for your wedding.