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Cuvée Extra Brut Heucq Père & Fils

Cuvée Extra Brut Heucq Père & Fils

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Region : Vallée de la Marne
Dosage : Extra Brut
Grapes : 100% pinot meunier
Assemblage : Solera 15% - Min 3 years


Other characteristics


  • Colour : Golden pink
  • Nose : Floral, quince, pepper, tertiary aromas
  • Mouth : Fresh attack, lasting effervescence, creamy-rich, round, vinosity, clean finish, supple and round
  • Potential : 3 years
  • Temperature : 12 °C
  • Glass : Tulip-shaped flute
  • Paring with food : Cocktail

Champagne Heucq Père et Fils

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Champagne Heucq Père et Fils

Vallée de la Marne

A 3rd generation grower, André Heucq, manages the 6 hectares of his domain in the village of Cuisles, located in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne region of Champagne. Independent grower, André above all works to express his terroir in his wines. Focusing on the local and predominant grape variety, Meunier, his production is in limited quantities to ensure the best results. Furthermore, only the very first and best pressed juice, « la tête de cuvée », at the time of the harvest, is used. Thanks to state of the art technology and production facilities, André ensures that his wines are aged to offer a great purity in his champagnes.