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Cuvée Douceur Didier Ducos

Cuvée Douceur Didier Ducos

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Region : Vallée de la Marne
Dosage : Demi sec
Grapes : 80% pinot meunier, 5% pinot noir, 15% chardonnay
Assemblage : Min 3 years ageing


Other characteristics


  • Colour : Blond
  • Nose : Bread loaf, apple marmelade, grass, rose
  • Mouth : Sweet attack, existing effervescence, round and thick
  • Potential : 5 years
  • Temperature : 10 °C
  • Glass : Flute
  • Paring with food : gras and chutney, fruit salads, ananas carpaccio, crumble

Champagne Didier Ducos

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Champagne Didier Ducos

Vallée de la Marne

Champagne Didier Ducos began in 1950. Nicolas and his wife Clotilde are 3rd generation winemakers. Dominique and Christophe, their parents, are still very active with the daily business. The domain is, located in St Martin d’Ablois. Most of their vines are planted along the hills to the south of Epernay, dominated by the pinot meunier. Their wines express both the tradition and know how kept from their ancester’s heritage and the freshness from the modernity brought by the younger generations.