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Cuvée Vintage 2009 Roederer

Cuvée Vintage 2009 Roederer

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Region :
Dosage : Brut
Grapes : 70% de Pinot Noir - 30% de Chardonnay - 30% aged in wood
Assemblage : Min 7 years




  • Colour : A warm gold robe with light copper highlights.
  • Nose : The slow, regular flow of bubbles is perfectly integrated into the structure of the wine. The bouquet is rich and heady, with a complex succession of juicy fruits (Williams pears), red fruit (light raspberry liqueur) and nuts (hazelnut). There are even a few hints of lightly roasted cocoa alongside warm notes of pastries and vanilla.
  • Mouth : A alongside warm notes of pastries and vanilla. The bite is an explosion of flavours and silky substance. The juicy, fleshy fruits reinforce the soft smooth caress of the Pinot Noir – all with an overwhelming freshness that is wholly part of the wine’s texture, establishing great harmony. The subtle, controlled woodiness adds a sweet sensation, reinforcing the lightly roasted and vanilla flavours – without dominating the Pinot Noir fruit, which remains the focal point of this blend. This Brut Vintage 2007 is a fine expression of the ‘measured’ power of the Pinot Noir, in a subtle balance of smoothness and richness, instinctively balanced by freshness and lightness.
  • Potential :
  • Temperature :
  • Glass : Shapely flute
  • Paring with food : perfect for aperitif and shellfishes

Louis Roederer Champagne

Discover 3 CHAMPAGNES in our cellar

In 1776, the Champagnes of Louis Roederer were born in Reims. This house also remains independent and family-run to this day. Their motto is borrowed from Prince Salina, "For everything to stay the same, everything must change". Louis Roederer is one of the rare houses to have a sizeable vineyard. They manage to fill two thirds of their barrels with their own harvest, guaranteeing that their vintage cuvées are sourced entirely from their vineyards. The house of Roederer is best known for its famous cuvée, le Cristal. Originally it was created for Czar Alexandre II who requested his own personalized bottle. Roederer brought in an artisan and master glassworker to create a transparent crystal bottle with a flat bottom, making it impossible to hide explosives in the butt of the bottle. Still today, the bottle is made of crystal and sports its imperial armor. At Dilettantes, we offer Cristal 2006 and 2002.