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From the Montagne de Reims, Dilettantes proposes the following champagnes:

The terroirs of Champagne: The Montagne de Reims

Discover our 9 Champagne producers from the Montagne de Reims.

The Montagne de Reims, the northernmost Champagne terroir covers a vast natural expanse. Vines are planted along the hillsides in a deep bed of chalk or a mixture of clay and limestone. The growing region itself creates a semi-circle around the hill from Mailly Champagne, in the north, to Bouzy, in the southeast. 

The reigning grape in the region is Pinot noir with its colorless pulp and dark skin. Owing to the fact that it adapts perfectly to the difficult climate and chalky soil, it is planted throughout 60% of the area. Its characteristic resistance and generosity bring Champagne power, body and fullness. Bottlings made entirely of this grape which are called "Blancs de Noirs". 

The remaining 40% of the growing region is planted with chardonnay. This grape matures much quicker but is also more sensitive to bad weather including springtime frosts which are frequent in this northern part of the country. Chardonnays are highly localized in their production, grown mainly in two terroirs, Trépail and Villers Marmery.  

We consider the smaller hills surrounding Reims part of the Montage de Reims, these include the Western Montagne de Reims, the Vesle Valley and the Ardre Valley. The soils here consist of clay-bonded sand or marls, a limestone clay rich in nutrient deposits. Orientation across these terroirs varies and the grapes planted are primarily pinot meunier and pinot noir which thrive under these conditions.