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From the Marne Valley, Dilettantes proposes the following champagnes:

The terroirs of Champagne: the Marne Valley

Discover our 8 Champagne producers from the Marne Valley.

The terroir of the Marne Valley stretches along the banks of its namesake, the Marne River, from Epernay to Château-Thierry. Two types of very different soil are typical in the region. To the east, the soil is still predominately limestone from Aÿ to Chatillon-sur-Marne whereas to the west of Châtillon, the limestone retreats deeper into the soil giving way to clay-bonded chalk and marls.

The northern climate is harsh for the vine. Having characteristics of both coastal and inland weather, the former provides sufficient rainfall while temperature does not vary significantly. The inland climate is responsible for winter freezes and increased sunshine in summer.

For this reason, varietals are needed that grows well in both this soil and climate, such is pinot noir, making up as much as 90% of production to the east of Aÿ, and to the west, the choice is pinot meunier. The latter is better suited for the inland climate, ripening later in the season.

In taste, pinot meunier adds round fruity notes to the Champagne. This is why it produces excellent rosés. We also love its initial open and lively attack.