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From the Côte des Bars, Dilettantes proposes the following Champagnes:

The terroirs of Champagne: the Côte des Bars

Discover our 3 Champagne producers from the Côte des Bars.

The Côte des Bars is situated in the department of Aube between Bar-sur-Abe or Bar-sur-Aubois and Bar-sur-Seine. It also includes the Barséquanais region, about 100 kilometers to the south of Epernay. The soil of this region is mostly hard limestone and marls. The vineyards have a south-eastern exposure.

A more inland climate sets this one apart from the other regions of Champagne and calls for the cultivation of pinot noir. In terms of taste, these grapes are quite different from those produced on the Montagne de Reims. The increased sunlight creates a harvest of grapes with more rounded and lighter notes.

There are two "micro-terroirs" found at the heart of the Côte des Bars, the Ilot de Montgueux near the city of Troyes, terroir of chardonnay, and the village of Riceys, the southernmost terroir in the Cote des Bars. In addition to Champagne, winemakers in Riceys produce an excellent still rosé, called the Rosé des Riceys, in an area of about 300 hectares. At Dilettantes, we have chosen to feature Mr Morel's rosé from 2006 and 2008.