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business gift


Offer your clients or colleagues an original and refined gift that will stand out.

Dilettantes offers a selection of 150 different champagnes, some of which can exclusively be found here, and all measuring up to your expectations.

We will be happy to help you select the champagne best tailored to your needs, within the relevant price range.

A magnificent range of wooden gift boxes are available and may be personalized for a special occasion.

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champagne oenological workshop


Invite your colleagues or clients to a chic and distinctive event.

Our champagne oenological workshops will bring everyone together for 1 hour 30 minutes of blind tasting. Learn how to taste champagne as well as decipher the mysteries of this exceptional wine.

These workshops may be followed by a cocktail party with light food.

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company seminar


Are you looking for a venue in the heart of Paris for a small-scale meeting?

Dilettantes welcomes you to its 17th century vaulted cellars, where you will be surrounded by Grand Crus bottles.

A video projector and a screen will be at your disposal for your presentations.

Based on your preference, we can provide a lunch with tasting either to begin or to conclude your meeting.

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team social events


Get your colleagues or your clients together in an intimate environment to promote team-building or increase client loyalty?

Dilettantes’ vaulted cellars can be privately reserved for tastings with food pairings, enabling you to experience a convivial and unique moment.

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Sensory workshop

Jean-Christophe Lebrument is a professional wine-taster and guide in choosing wines. He’s also specialized in the Sensory Analysis and Tasting of drinks and foods. (Methodology standard ISO 11035).

He trains professionals in the culinary world, and in private and mass catering restaurants as a lecturer associated with the Wine University located at the Château de Suze la Rousse.

For epicureans he hosts events and fun tasting workshops at Dilettantes, La Maison du Champagne in Paris with winemakers’ champagne presented alongside the regional dishes and products.

A graduate of the Wine University of Suze la Rousse and Provence-Aix-Marseille I, he’s an active member of the International Culinary Order and works on a regular basis for well-known establishments such as the Trianon Palace Versailles, La Citadelle Vauban, the Bas Bréau, Château de Villiers Le Mahieu, Castel Clara, etc.

Please contact us and we will respond to your request, to offer you the most satisfying champagne experience.

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Champagne en Seine


Dilettantes and Les Vedettes du Pont Neuf have partnered to create Champagne en Seine. Champagne en Seine is a unique and sparkling experience which takes place on an intimate boat on Paris’s most beautiful avenue: the River Seine. The boat is booked especially for your company and you event.

From 1 hour tasting, to a cocktail or a seated dinner, choose what you like ! The tasting is During the cruise, demystifying Champagne What makes this wine so unique? Are all champagnes created equally? How does terroir express itself in champagne?

Together, we will explore this exlusive wine through its diverse climate, soils, grape varieties, production methods and winemakers.

Using your senses, our interactive tasting hosted by a sommelier will interest any wine lover. No previous knowledge is required.

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custom-made events


Looking for something custom-made?

Please contact us and we will respond to your request, to offer you the most satisfying champagne experience.

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