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Cuvée Brut de fût Aspasie

Cuvée Brut de fût Aspasie

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Region : Montagne de Reims
Dosage : Brut
Grapes : Chardonnay 50%- Pinot Noir 25% - Pinot Meunier 25%
Assemblage : Min 3 years


Other characteristics


  • Colour : Golden yellow. Nice effervescence
  • Nose : Complex and mature : quince, wheat, nuts with a woody bakground
  • Mouth : Winy and stuctured. Lively, tannins, full bodied. Large, aromatic and lively final
  • Potential : 5 years
  • Temperature : 12 °C
  • Glass : Shapely flute
  • Paring with food : Veal, lamb, cheeses (brie-coulommiers)

Champagne Aspasie

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Champagne Aspasie

Montagne de Reims

The Aspasie champagne comes from the name of Paul-Vincent’s grand mother. They are based in Brouillet a small village at 20km from Reims. Paul-Vincent is taking over after the two century of wine tradition. Since 5 generations, the family cultivates the art of the vineyard and keep a unique know- how. Paul Vincent grows 6 grapes from champagne. 3 of which disapeared: pinot blanc, petit meslier , Arbanne composing the cuvée Cépage d’Antan.