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Dilettantes is a unique Champagne cellar, located in central Paris. Our inspiration is the artisan Champagne producers who offer spectacular creations but, as they are independent winemakers, lack access to the Parisian market. In the city, the choice is often only one of the different Great Champagne Houses, les Grands Maisons, available in retail supermarkets and other wine boutiques. With the help of Dilettantes, 25 artisan winemakers have arrived in Paris!

Dilettantes, is (also) the story of Fanny Heucq, daughter of a winemaking family. She is fulfilling the ambition of a generation by opening a boutique to honor grower Champagnes, or the Champagnes de Terroirs.




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Latest news about Dilettantes

Harvest in Champagne region 2015

This year, the harvest in Champagne was exceptional. A temperate climate throughout the year, a warm summer, a beautiful autumn, some rain to increase the yields just before the harvest – these were the key factors from Mother Nature that made this harvest so successful. Continue reading

The Champagne region included on the Unesco World Heritage list

Avenue de Champagne-Épernay (Picture credit Michel Jolyot)

As of the 5th of July this year, the Champagne region has been honored by UNESCO. The “Slopes, Houses and Cellars” of Champagne were added to the World Heritage list.

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